UHMWPE Fiber Hmpe Material Strong Yarn 300d 400d Filament for Gloves

UHMWPE Fiber Hmpe Material Strong Yarn 300d 400d Filament for Gloves
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We follow and be familiar with the latest trend of the industry and provide customers with the Aramid UD Bombproof Material, Aramid UD Bulletproof Material, Hard Aramid UD Bulletproof Material they need. Our company is based on high-quality products and excellent service. In the changeable tide of market economy, we win the trust of the society with good service tenet, and win high praise from customers with good reputation. We put the company's value throughout the daily management behavior, shape the brand with quality, achieve lasting development of the enterprise, and keep the enterprise evergreen. We pay attention to the various problems encountered in the actual application of the product, and continuously improve the product in production.

Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Materials-HTBY00

Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Materials-HTBY005 uses polyethylene(PE) fiber with high strength and modulus as one of raw materials, has four layers of uni-direction laminated in 0℃/90℃. It’s more rigid matrix resin for plate, has lower ballistic areal density, excellent rigidity.It’s pure white color.



Area density: 260+/-10g/sqm

Thickness: 0.28+/-0.02mm

Width: 1.60meter(target)

Length: 100meters(target)



Hard UHMWPE UD Bulletproof Material-HTBY005 is widely used in the production of hard armor plate, vehicle armor,building armor, light rigid armor, violence prevention shields and explosion spacers,etc.

Bulletproof Performance:


Plate used together with vist


Stand Alone


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