UHMWPE Fiber Ballistic Material Bulletproof Ud Fabric for PPE

UHMWPE Fiber Ballistic Material Bulletproof Ud Fabric for PPE
Product Details
We focus on the quality of our UHMWPE UD Ballistic Material, Hard Aramid UD Bulletproof Material, Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Material, our ability to innovate and the products that can really help our customers solve their practical needs. Our company has mature production technology, excellent processing technology and complete testing instruments, strong development and design ability, and our product quality is reliable. Striving for a higher and newer goal is the spiritual pillar for all employees of our company to keep forging ahead. We hope to cultivate talents with dedication, integrity, teamwork spirit and innovation ability by relying on the innovative concept of continuous transcendence and healthy enterprise atmosphere.

Soft Protective Ballistic UHMWPE UD-HTBY002 uses polyethylene fiber with high strength and modulus as one of raw materials. With six layers of uni-tape laminated in 0/90.It is more flexible matrix resin for clothing. It is Lower bulletproof area density and comfortable to wear

The color is pure white.



Areal density: 150+/-10 g/sqm

Thickness: 0.17+/-0.02mm

Width: 1.60m (target)

Length: 100m (target)



Soft Protective Ballistic UHMWPE UD-HTBY002 is widely used in the production area of VIP concealed bulletproof vest ,Full protection bulletproof vest, Protection EOD suits, Bomb search suit and Demining suit,etc.

Product performance


Our UHMWPE Fiber Ballistic Material Bulletproof Ud Fabric for PPE have stable performance, good quality, long service life and obvious economic benefits. Our corporate culture adheres to people-oriented, which is the need to grasp the pulse of modernity and follow the law of social development. The aim of our company is to be proficient in industry and to be specialized, focusing on talents, innovation, quality and service is our company's consistent pursuit and commitment to you.

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