Twaron Ballistic Material Price

Twaron Ballistic Material Price
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We always regard innovation as our life, and advocate innovation by all staff and in all aspects, and focus on creating the most advanced and high-quality UHMWPE UD Bombproof Material, Puncture-proof Material, Ballistic Polyethylene UD Material. 'Based on diligence, sincere to achieve far' is the the business purpose of company's staff and leadership. We adhere to the consistent professional spirit, and abide by the corporate philosophy of 'integrity, professionalism, innovation, and efficiency', continuing to provide high-quality products and services to new and old customers. It has always been our company's pursuit to unite the team, work hard to do their job well, and make employees feel at home.

Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Materials-HTBY00

Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Materials-HTBY005 uses polyethylene(PE) fiber with high strength and modulus as one of raw materials, has four layers of uni-direction laminated in 0℃/90℃. It’s more rigid matrix resin for plate, has lower ballistic areal density, excellent rigidity.It’s pure white color.



Area density: 260+/-10g/sqm

Thickness: 0.28+/-0.02mm

Width: 1.60meter(target)

Length: 100meters(target)



Hard UHMWPE UD Bulletproof Material-HTBY005 is widely used in the production of hard armor plate, vehicle armor,building armor, light rigid armor, violence prevention shields and explosion spacers,etc.

Bulletproof Performance:


Plate used together with vist


Stand Alone


We are committed to providing the best solutions for the global Twaron Ballistic Material Price field. We strictly control each production process, and all products have undergone multiple quality inspections. We have a sound, perfect, continuous and effective operation of the quality assurance system. We continue to cultivate the core competitiveness of the enterprise and drive the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

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