Twaron Aramid Ud FT532 for Soft Armor and Hard Plate

Twaron Aramid Ud FT532 for Soft Armor and Hard Plate
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Our top-notch quality and excellent service have made our Puncture-proof Material, Ballistic Polyethylene UD Material, Aramid UD Bulletproof Material trusted and appreciated by consumers and established a good corporate image. We promote the diversification of the industrial platform. Our company attaches great importance to the long-term brand image, highlighting the technical foresight of the products. We have strong technical force and stable quality products and constantly improve ourselves. The establishment of a perfect channel performance management system is helpful to improve the competitiveness and profitability of our company and bring high profit returns to our company.

Hard Bulletproof Aramid UD Material uses Aramid UD fiber with high strength and modulus as one of raw materials. It has two layers of uni-tape laminated in 0℃/90℃. It is more rigid matrix resin for panels, with excellent rigidity and resistance to deformation. The color is beautiful golden yellow.



Area density: 130+/-10g/sqm

Thickness: 0.13+/-0.02mm

Width: 1.60meter (target)

Length: 200meters(target)




Hard Bulletproof Aramid UD Material is widely used in the production area of chest protection plates,bulletproof helmet,violence prevention shields,light rigid armor,building armor,vehicle armor and explosion spaces,etc.

Bulletproof Performance

MATERIALNIJ ⅢA Helmet & Shield

Hard Aramid UD






'Based on domestic market and expand abroad business' is our progress strategy for Twaron Aramid Ud FT532 for Soft Armor and Hard Plate. In the pursuit of cooperation and win-win era, we look forward to close cooperation with new and old customers, with all friends to create value together, and share the joy of success. Our company puts 'service customer demand, pursue excellent quality' in the first place, set up our brand image.

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