Single-Layer Pet or PVC Film for Candy Packaging

Single-Layer Pet or PVC Film for Candy Packaging
Product Details
In today's rapid economic development in the new century, all employees of our company will continue to explore and innovate in order to further improve the quality of Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Material, UHMWPE UD Bulletproof Materials, Aramid UD Bombproof Material and build up a well-known brand. Our strategic goal of aiming for the world's best relies on our boldness and courage in pursuing excellence. Our company takes the satisfaction of customers as the goal, and is well received by customers for its excellent quality and efficient service. At present, we have established partnerships with many well-known domestic and foreign companies.

Puncture-proof material uses polyethylene fiber with high strength and modulus as one of raw materials.It is soft continuous sheet-like material in roll with special high polymer matrix resin and non-woven structure. With excellent puncture-proof performance, it is resistant to light,soft,acid and alkali,anti-corrosion,waterproof,moisture-proof,anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics, which is widely used in the production of bulletproof and puncture-proof clothing together with bulletproof material



Areal density: 120+/-10g/sqm


Width: 1.60mm (target)

Length: 15meter

Product performance

Level ⅠLevel 

We specialize in the production of various specifications of Single-Layer Pet or PVC Film for Candy Packaging, our goal is to become one of your most reliable partners. It not only improves work efficiency, but also effectively guarantees product quality and enhances customers' confidence in our products. We welcome friends from all over the world to visit and guide us so that we can achieve the win-win goal together.

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