PE Ud Sheet for Hard Armor (HA-794)

PE Ud Sheet for Hard Armor (HA-794)
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Our company has been pursuing the corporate tenet of 'Honesty and truth-seeking, dedicated service, and only seeking satisfaction', following the needs of customers and continuously improving UHMWPE UD Ballistic Material, Ballistic Polyethylene UD Material, Bulletproof PE Material and services. Adhering to the cultural guidance, we have formed the core values of innovation, passion, integrity, responsibility and gratitude. Our company has a complete and scientific quality management system. This company has the right to operate independent import and export business. Our brand and contacts have given us a sustained competitive advantage.

Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Materials-HTBY001

Hard Bulletproof UHMWPE UD Materials-HTBY001 uses polyethylene(PE) fiber with high strength and modulus as one of raw materials, has two layers of uni-tape laminated in 0℃/90℃. It’s more rigid matrix resin for plate, excellent rigid and resistance to deformation.The color is pure white.



Area density: 110+/-10g/sqm

Thickness: 0.13+/-0.02mm

Width: 1.60meter(target)

Length: 150meter(target)



Hard UHMWPE UD Bulletproof Material-HTBY001 is widely used in the production of chest protection plate, bulletproof helmet, explosion-proof shields,vehicle and vessel armor, light rigid armor, building armor and explosion spacers,etc.


We continue to explore and develop new processes and technologies, and continue to actively introduce domestic and foreign technologies and scientific research results to create high-quality PE Ud Sheet for Hard Armor (HA-794). Our company is composed of individuals with vivid personality. Therefore, we value and respect people, and firmly believe that the progress of employees is closely related to the development of the enterprise. The company has been keeping pace with the times, aiming at the international advanced level, producing a variety of products to meet the needs of the various markets of the national standard.

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