Dam Lining Material for Waterproofing Lining of Dam

Dam Lining Material for Waterproofing Lining of Dam
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We have formed a good reputation and been widely recognized by the majority of users by reassuring Puncture-proof Material, Hard Ballistic UHMWPE UD Materials, Ballistic Polyethylene UD Material, satisfying price and inspiring service. It is our credo to maintain our leading position through R&D and the latest manufacturing processes. Years of carving, we still focus on the industry, this is precipitation, this is the persistence of excellence.

Puncture-proof material uses polyethylene fiber with high strength and modulus as one of raw materials.It is soft continuous sheet-like material in roll with special high polymer matrix resin and non-woven structure. With excellent puncture-proof performance, it is resistant to light,soft,acid and alkali,anti-corrosion,waterproof,moisture-proof,anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics, which is widely used in the production of bulletproof and puncture-proof clothing together with bulletproof material



Areal density: 120+/-10g/sqm


Width: 1.60mm (target)

Length: 15meter

Product performance

Level ⅠLevel 

With the concept of science and technology, innovation and development, we have always engaged in both research and production, aiming to be one of the most professional manufacturer of Dam Lining Material for Waterproofing Lining of Dam. Our current goal is brand effect, let customers trust us. The road to our company's future requires continuous innovation and development.

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