Zimbabwe Army Tender Of Ballistic Helmet, Vest And Armor Plate

Today, we received tender inviation for Zimbabwe Army, the details as follows:

2000pcs Bulletproof Helmet

2000pcs Bulletproof Vest

4000pcs Ballistic Armor Plate.

Aramid PASGT Bulletproof Helmet

Customer requires PASGT Helmet, but does not know the material. We supposed Aramid UD with our experience, because the penetration is better than PE UD.

Customer wants to resist AK47 by Bulletproof Vest and Plate, so, we recommend PE Soft Armor and Level IV Ceramic PE+Alumina.

Plate Carrier Vest

Because Level 4 STA Ballistic Armor Plate can resist AK47 well, so, we designed the vest to resist 9mm, with this proposal, it can help customer to save some money.