Uniform Design Standards

Uniform design, update to a large number of measurements, experimental work. The design of "84" when the uniform, when he collected samples of the uniforms of the 27 countries, on land, sea and air forces of 83 mission, 15,000 people of different body size soldiers conducted field measurements. "07"-style uniforms have also had a lot of measurement, experiment. According to reports, the new uniforms were converted on a uniform basis in the garrison, "that primarily take into account international standards."

According to reports, the facelift is the biggest feature is the addition of a dress in this category. It is reported that the people's Liberation Army's first commissioned in 1955 with clothing, reference to Soviet-style design, primarily for use by field grade officer, and was later cancelled. This is the first time in more than 40 years after the first new dress. This change, which will be responsible for part of the standard-setting. According to the quartermaster Department in charge, uniform standard refers to the clothing colors, patterns, styles, materials, techniques, processes, and so on.

Armed forces effective August 1, 2007, will be renewed, "armed police-07 clothes." Armed forces clothing history this is one of the most comprehensive, most systems, the most fundamental reform marked the armed forces clothing protection levels achieved a historic leap.