Replace Anti Riot Helmet Visor For Indonesia Buyer

Today, we reached agreement with our Indonesia Buyer to replace 790pcs Anti Riot Helmet Visor used for Ballistic FAST Helmet and MICH2000 Helmet.

Anti Riot Helmet Visor

After our Indonesia Buyer received our shipment of Anti Riot Helmet Visor, they told us there are some Visors which were scratched seriously, could not use anymore.

We discussed the shipping process of this Anti Riot Helmet Visor. Actually, this is the second shipment. 1month ago, our buyer already received one shipment, no any problem, so, they placed 2rd order quickly.

Comparing first shipment of Helmet Visor, we used same packing and package for the 2rd shipment, but too much scratch happened this time.

It is a really strange thing. Comparing two shipments, the only difference is, for the first shipment, our  company was responsbile to ship to Indonesia directly, but 2rd time, we only shipped to Singapore, and our buyer transfered to Indonesia by themself, we don't know how they shipped.

With this special situation, our company can refuse to shoulder any responsibility, but our company is a responsible supplier, considering the long-term cooperation in the future, we promise our buyer to replace 790pcs Anti Riot Helmet Visor for free.

For the sake of customers and brave to take responsibility, can we establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.