Clothing Categories

According to the army, Navy, and air force cadres, fighters differentiated. Armed cadres summery dress made with cotton plain fabric, clothing colors, large brimmed hat cap badge showing distinguished service. Summer is wearing a large brimmed hat cadres and soldiers of the whole army. Summer attire of army cadres digging on the two bags, pants for Western-style pants, a gun bag. Naval and air force officials dig summer suit has four bags. Navy cadre has a white on blue and all blue clothing in two ways. Warrior summer suit jacket as the head of the army, half open, tight sleeves, dig on two bags, tie cord belt. For ease of wear, training and combat, 1952 to front cardigans, cuffs, with liberation hat. Navy soldier summer uniform is blue and white and blue sailor suits, the materials used are cotton plain fabric. Air force fighters and summer clothing and air force cadres ' summer clothes are basically the same. Women summer dress and Lenin's suits in two ways. Hats, costumes and military men and soldiers the same. Armed forces cadres and fighters of the winter clothing styles, materials and summer clothes the same. In August 1950, the Central Military Commission approved the army officers above Regiment and naval barracks and above, air force paratroopers, naval forces and the sea cadets wear. Address part of the soldier's military capacity and meters. On June 25, 1950, the Korean war broke out. In October of the same year the people's Liberation Army to the Korean war. Volunteer summer uniform and the people's Liberation Army cadres summer clothes the same Warrior summer uniform in the elbow, shoulder, hip, knees and tie a cloth, increase the wear of uniforms. Volunteer cadre of winter clothing, taking into account the role of clothing, from an improved structure, jacket cuffs add strappy, wearing breeches, enhance warmth to meet North Korea's harsh winter. The 1953 Korean Armistice, volunteer cadre fighters wearing "Chinese people's volunteer army" cloth badge.