Woodland Camo Aramid Bulletproof Vest For Peru Army

New tender for Peru Army with Bulletproof Armor Vest, tender details as follows:

Aramid Woodland Camouflage Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof Armor Vest:

Color: Woodland Camouflage

Material: Bulletproof Aramid

Level: NIJ 3A, to resist .44MAG

Size: M, L, XL

Protection Area: 0.40sqm, 0.50sqm and 0.54sqm

Protection Parts: Collar, Front, Back and Groin

Weight: About 4.2kg, 4.9kg, 5.4kg

Tender Quantity: 2500sets.

Body Armor PlateBody Armor Plate

Body Armor Plate

Ballistic Armor Plates:

Color: Black

Material: Ceramic PE+Silicon

Level: NIJ 4 STA, to resist 7.62x39

Size: 25x30cm

Weight: 2.75kg/pic

Tender Quantity: 5000pcs.