Bulletproof Vest Profile

Bulletproof vest is a protective clothing used for bullet damage reduction like armor, wearing them by the police and the army.

The names more or less is a misnomer, because much of the protective clothing for large-caliber rifles or rifles only have little or no protection, regardless of the type of bullet-proof vests, shape, material, or rifle caliber (this exception should not be generalized. 22 LR, usually can be large-caliber rifles, rifle bullets play a protective role.) These vests a broad defense from pistol handgun ammunition--the same regardless of the type, shape, material, and the caliber of pistol ammunition.

Expansion of some type of bullet-proof vests with metal (steel or titanium), important parts of the body can fill in some extra ceramic or polyethylene plates used to increase protection. If the bullet hit on the fillings, these protectors can effective protection of all handguns and some rifles. Vest in the military use of such standards as going ballistic technology to make "Kevlar-only" failure-The CRISAT vest NATO standard for vests includes titanium backing. Vest was designed to protect against knife attacks.