Y2 Military Product Series

"Y2 Military Products Series"-the abbreviation of military products "military products", as opposed to "civil products". Refers to material products used in military activities or used by the military.

Name: Y2 military product series

Usage: used in military activities or used by the military

Example: camouflage uniform

Introduction editor

Y2 Military Products Series- short for "military products", as opposed to "civil products". Refers to material products used in military activities or used by the military.



Camouflage: There are desert camouflage, jungle camouflage, all-terrain camouflage, etc. and bionic camouflage. Dresses: The dresses of each country retain the national characteristics of the country in which they are located. British dresses also include kilts.

Military backpack

At present, military bags in most countries in the world are mainly made of Cordura 1000D fabric from DuPont, which has 10 times the wear resistance of cotton canvas and only half the weight of cotton canvas. And has the function of water repellent on the surface. At present, the domestic pure US Army 1000 KDU bags are imported from the South. Military bags are divided into small backpacks, 3-day backpacks and rucksacks. Small backpacks are mainly used for short-term battle logistics and use immediately. The backpack on the 3rd is mainly used for rescue missions of commandos or airborne divisions. Backpacks are usually used for infiltration missions behind enemy lines or for base transfers. All household belongings are packed into the bag and equipped with a rain cover.

Army boots

Divided into leather boots, canvas high-top boots, as well as Coolmax, Dri-Lex lining tropical boots, Gore-tex temperate and cold zone combat boots, Gore-tex fabric is a waterproof and breathable fabric, the characteristics of the fabric is to allow Water vapor with very small molecules penetrates, but water droplets with larger molecules cannot penetrate. The shoe lining made of this fabric can effectively block rainwater from entering the boots, but it does not affect the ventilation of the boots.

Glasses telescope

Windproof sunglasses: The lens is made of military polymer PC material. PC has super ductility and is not easy to break. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays while preventing damage to the eyeball from fragments and bullet shells. The frame is made of tr90 resin material. It is not easy to break at the time, so as to effectively protect the safety of the temple’s Nie artery. At present, the US military’s goggles mainly include Revision, ESS, and some troops buy Okley glasses: goggles are mainly used to block sand and prevent dust and irritating gases during street fighting. The damage of the powder to the eyeball ensures a wider field of view, which is much larger than that of sunglasses. At present, the most commonly used goggles in the military of many countries are the US ESS and Revision. The lenses are made of integrated PC and are more resistant to fragmentation than sunglasses. There are two interchangeable lenses, transparent and dark. Military telescopes: At present, the main domestic military telescopes are T628X30 and T9810X50 from Yunnan Optoelectronics (298 Factory), and the domestic ones are T62 from Jiangguang (3304) Factory. Foreign ones mainly use Phonics and Zeiss telescopes.

Flashlight lighting

Tactical flashlight: mainly uses the LED strong light flashlight with Vulcan patented lamp holder, which has the functions of waterproof and shockproof, and can be directly installed on the bayonet holder under the barrel. Military flashlights: There are mainly L-shaped flashlights. Since the flashlight is not usually horizontally forward, but used in an erect state, it is suitable for personal use in narrow spaces such as bunkers, armored vehicles, cabins, etc.

Military accessories

Military belts: There are two types of belts: S belts and square-toed belts, usually with two rows of button holes in the middle, which can be used for external equipment

Military hats: divided into top hats, berets, baseball caps, and penny hats, especially penny hats, because the hat is an evolution of the traditional Nordic fisherman hat, with a round wide edge, can effectively block ultraviolet rays As well as snake attacks from the treetops, they have gradually become standard equipment for military forces around the world. Helmet: It is divided into steel helmet and Kevlar bulletproof fabric helmet. The battlefield function of the helmet is mainly to deal with fragment injuries. The protective effect of the helmet is almost ineffective when shooting with rifles at close range. In time, the Kevlar helmet does not penetrate the helmet body, and the soldier’s cervical spine is strong The bullet will break under impact.

Explanation of professional terms


Vibram is the world's top sole brand from Italy. It provides soles of different styles/uses for the US military and a large number of famous outdoor shoe brands. The trademark is generally golden. But don’t have to be superstitious about V-bottoms. Usually, V-bottoms are particularly slippery on water-filled tiles or smooth and hard surfaces. In addition, even if the shoes of famous brand manufacturers don’t use V-bottoms, they won’t be much worse.


Gore-tex was invented by a DuPont engineer named Gore more than 20 years ago, and then he applied for a patent (now expired) and founded his own company. Gore-tex is the most famous/top waterproof and breathable material. It is a layer of film with many small holes that allow water vapor to pass through, but can prevent water from passing through. It should be noted that GTX boots may enter water after being soaked in water for more than 8 hours. After all, water vapor and water molecules are the same. GTX is divided into two-layer structure and three-layer structure when applied to clothing and shoes. The three-layer structure is more durable. There is also a new product, GTX-XCR, which is more breathable, but it is not used in military boots and military uniforms.


Sympatex new coverage, Germany. It is a non-porous hydrophilic membrane (PEE). EPTFE membranes such as GTX are microporous membranes. As far as I know, only French coats and 511 HRT boots use this material.