What is Military Individual carrying equipment?

Individual carrying equipment refers to all equipment used by individual soldiers to carry weapons, equipment and daily necessities. Because the burden of individual soldiers will directly affect their combat effectiveness and endurance capabilities, the world’s military powers have always attached great importance to the development of individual soldiers’ carrying equipment. Based on the principles of ergonomics, they have continuously changed the individual soldiers’ carrying methods so that the load on the The distribution is more reasonable. The single-soldier carrying equipment can be divided into two categories: single type and combined type. Military carrying equipment is an indispensable part of individual equipment. Its emergence and development are as old as the history of human warfare, making people and weapons and equipment form a whole.


U.S. WWII Individual Carrier

U.S. World War II individual carrying equipment (10 photos)

It has the characteristics of convenient carrying, light weight and wear resistance.


Individual carrying equipment includes:

1. Life carrying equipment. Used to carry personal life equipment. There are mainly rucksacks. Backpacks usually include a main bag and a side bag. The main bag is used to hold quilts (sleeping bags), overcoats, mosquito nets, raincoats, spare clothing and individual tents, etc. The side bags are used to hold shoes, toiletries, gas masks and water bottles. Wait. Some life carrying equipment is also equipped with a swimming jacket or inner sleeve, which can prevent water from entering the backpack and ensure the safety of the items carried in the bag. It also has an auxiliary life-saving effect during swimming.

British WW1 Individual Carrier

British soldiers carrying equipment of World War I (16 photos)

2. Combat carrying equipment. Used to carry individual combat equipment. There are mainly commander combat carrying equipment, rifleman combat carrying equipment, machine gunner combat carrying equipment, rocket launcher combat carrying equipment, and artillery gunner combat carrying equipment. Combat carrying equipment usually consists of ammunition carrying equipment and training kits. Ammunition carrying equipment is used to carry magazines, grenades, firearm accessories, water bottles, gas masks, etc.; training kits are used to carry other equipment, such as spare ammunition, scopes, field food, and folding engineering spades.


In order to meet the needs of future operations, the individual carrier will use new materials with high strength, light weight, and multiple functions to improve the flame retardant and anti-reconnaissance performance; a more scientific and reasonable modular structure will be adopted for more flexible and convenient adaptation. Soldiers have different combat requirements and actual needs on the battlefield; some individual carrying equipment and protective equipment will be integrated into one to reduce the number of individual equipment items and supporting levels, and facilitate use and management.