What is Military Desert Boots?

The desert combat boots are light, stable, and have good air permeability, and can prevent sand penetration, do not need to wipe oil, and have a certain lightning protection capability.

U.S. desert boots

Speaking of desert boots, it is natural to think of American soldiers wearing digital camouflage and holding M4 carbines.

The desert boots of the US Army began to appear in the middle of the Gulf War and became famous. At the beginning of the Gulf War, the U.S. ground forces still wore boots.

Black military boots with drainage holes on them. When fighting in a desert area, this kind of gain is too heavy, the camouflage is not good, and the heat dissipation is poor. For the US military, the quality of military boots is not only related to the health of the soldiers, but also affects the combat effectiveness of the military. At the strong request of the military, Wilco, which has a history of 50 years of making boots, and 5 other companies began to quickly design a military boot suitable for desert operations, and soon after Thanksgiving in 1991. Desert boots samples.


Compared with all-leather military boots, desert boots do have many advantages: the use of suede brown leather and Cordura material boot waist is much lighter than the previous half-leather jungle boots; the sole is made of synthetic rubber molded Panama Sole; the inner lining is made of Cool Max material, which has good heat dissipation and ventilation performance; the heat-insulating leather midsole and the removable activated carbon insole make the user more comfortable; the drainage hole is eliminated; in addition, the stab-resistant steel is eliminated in the sole design The honeycomb aluminum protective layer is added to reduce the damage to the feet by the mine; in general, the desert combat boots are light, stable, and have good air permeability. They can prevent sand from entering and do not need to rub oil. Have a certain lightning protection capability. During the Gulf War, the US Department of Defense ordered approximately 420,000 pairs of desert boots.

Combat boots for desert troops, the leather surface is scalper suede leather, the boot shaft is composite (multi-layer) canvas, and the air permeability is very good. The rubber sole has excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, slip resistance, and heat resistance. Molded structure. The tongue adopts a bellows-style sand-proof design. Suitable for dressing and training shoes in outdoor, sandy and dusty environments. Due to the raw material of the sole, the anti-slip performance is poor after being wet.