What is MICH2000 Helmet?

As one of the SPEAR series equipment, MICH2000 is mainly used for special forces. MICH has a shallower body than PASGT (Single Soldier Armor System on the ground). MICH uses a new seven-pad suspension system. The cushion is composed of two kinds of foam materials. This cushion can be deformed to adapt to different head shapes and provide better wearing comfort. The suspension system is attached to the inside of the helmet top through a series of Velcro and is secured with a four-point jaw strap.

Product Introduction

Since 2001, MICH has been distributing parts of the special forces of the US Special Command, the Marine Corps reconnaissance unit, and the 82nd Airborne Division. So far, there are about 200,000 helmets equipped with US troops. At the same time, the MICH helmet has been used in the land warrior system of the US military and will replace PASGT as the standard helmet of the US military in the future.

Product number

MICH2000 is a full ear protection type, 2001 is a half ear protection type, and 2002 is between the former two.