What brands of military shoes are there?

1. CAT shoes.

The full name of CAT shoes is catfootwear, which belongs to the American Carter Company. The original main business is not to make shoes, but to produce industrial manufacturing tools. In 1990, Caterpillar began to make a series of special durable, strong protection, comfortable and safe Industrial leather boots to meet the needs of engineers and mechanics.

2. Altama.

Founded in 1969, ALTAMA is one of the three top military boot brands and has successfully become the leading brand in the U.S. military boots standard, providing the best military boots for thousands of military personnel worldwide. For 40 consecutive years, ALTAMA has followed the footsteps of the US military to various jungles, deserts and mountains. ALTAMA's high degree of assurance to customers is reflected in its high quality and comfort for each pair of boots, and it has been recognized by users all over the world.

3. 5.11.

One of the products produced by Royal Robbins outdoor clothing manufacturer, the production includes outdoor clothing and tactical clothing and equipment, covering outdoor, military, law enforcement and public security fields.

The manufacturer has more than 30 years of outdoor clothing production history. Royal Robbins 5.11 Tactical Series related products are loved by the United States federal and state executive units. The most important thing is simple and practical design, plus 100% pure cotton. The fabric is made with proper cutting and firm sewing, which is not too wide or too tight. It can cope with the possibility of violent operation and general cleaning, while still maintaining sufficient durability.