What are military products?

Military products refer to weaponry, ammunition and supporting products, including special raw materials and components.

Contents of military products

In a narrow sense, military products refer to military-specific products such as weaponry and communication equipment; broadly military products refer to all materials used by the military, including military-specific products such as weapons and equipment, as well as fuel, medicine, food and other items. The military products studied in this article are military products in a narrow sense. They refer to military products that need to be developed and developed with a certain degree of technical complexity in multiple disciplines and fields. They have a wide range of coverage, high reliability requirements, complex working environments, and investment strength. Large, long development cycle, heavy confidentiality tasks, etc. Especially for a long time, my country’s military product research and development has always adopted a planned economy management model.

   With the transformation of the economic system and the introduction of competition, the development of military products has adopted a management model of general contracting, subcontracting, and horizontal cooperation. Since military products generally do not enter the market, the product quality law is not applicable to military products. Issues related to harm caused by unqualified military products are also separately formulated by the State Council and the Central Military Commission.

Market characteristics of military products

The military is the end user

   The military is the end user of military products, and the sales of military products manufacturers rely on military procurement. In the domestic market, military emergency traffic engineering equipment is generally sold directly to the military; in foreign markets, foreign trade exports are carried out through military trade companies.

Longer purchasing decision cycle

   From a domestic perspective, according to the current weapons and equipment procurement system, only products approved by the military can be sold to the military. The basic procedures for the domestic military to approve product finalization include project approval, program demonstration, engineering development, design finalization, and production finalization. The design of weapons and equipment generally undergoes repeated revisions in the process of small batch trials, which takes a long time.

   leads to a long product cycle from project establishment to design finalization and sales. From a foreign perspective, military procurement is a hot issue of national public concern. Therefore, all countries implement strict management of military procurement by improving military procurement systems and military procurement legislation. Due to the particularity and important status of military products, military at home and abroad are generally more cautious in their procurement, with higher decision-making levels and longer decision-making cycles.

Once military procurement occurs, it will maintain continuity and stability

   The long procurement decision cycle determines that military procurement decisions are more cautious. Once made, it will not be easily changed in the short term.