U.S. military clothing, apparel and badges

"Atlas of US Army Clothing, Costumes and Badges" is a book published by the Central Compilation and Translation Press in 2004, and the author is Yang Nanzhen. This book only introduces the most common US military uniforms and badges

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Basic Information

Author: Edited by Yang Nanzhen

IS B N: 7801097327

Number of pages: 504

Format: small 32 open

Cover format: Paperback

Publishing House: Central Compilation and Translation Press

Publication Date: 2004-1-1


Brief introduction

The military uniforms of the U.S. military are divided into four categories: formal dresses, queue dresses, regular uniforms, and combat overalls. Among them, there are 19 types of male officers, 17 types of female officers, 18 types of male sergeants, 16 types of female sergeants, 13 types of male soldiers, and 8 types of female soldiers. There are also 8 maternity clothes for female soldiers.

Ordinary clothes: For office work, duty, travel, or formal occasions that do not require queue dresses or formal dresses. It is divided into four categories: ordinary clothes, white white clothes, military casual clothes, and windbreakers.

Queue dress: to participate in the inauguration and resignation ceremonies, formal welcoming activities, on duty at military funerals, and to wear during major national and military holidays.

Dress: There are two types of evening dress and evening dress. Wear evening gowns when attending official parties, receptions, and dances held by the government, and evening gowns when attending banquets.

Combat overalls: wear during combat, training, and other outdoor work.

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