Types, brands and recommendations of military boots

Military boots, as the name suggests, are shoes and boots worn by military units during marching and combat.

The shoe upper used by general infantry is 8-9 inches. According to the type, it can be divided into urban combat, mountain combat, tropical jungle and desert combat in extreme cold areas. Military boots are generally made of first layer cowhide, which has good waterproof and breathable effect and can replace part of it. The function of leggings supports the calf muscles to prevent congestion and protects the ankle from spraining. The drainage outlet is suitable for the humid and hot tropical rain forest.

One of the most classic military boots in history, the Panamanian military boots, its large-tooth soles are not easy to muddy, and the upper is also thickened. In the Desert War, the black combat boots are too heat-absorbing and easy to get dirty, so they are launched The sand-colored or brown suede combat boots we are now common; originally designed for desert areas, the accessories used cordura nylon and other designs. Compared with military boots for mountain combat, the water resistance is poor and the vent is eliminated.

At present, the classic combat boots distributed by the Chinese army on a large scale, the 07 military boots, are improved from the 03 combat boots. The basic design is the same as the 03 combat boots. The main improvement is the use of full-grain high-quality yellow cowhide on the front. Made of high-quality flame-retardant canvas, with flame-retardant reinforcing ribs at the ankle. There is a layer of cowhide at the bottom of the boot, which is more breathable.

However...07 also has a lot of criticisms, it is stuffy, has no vents, is too bulky, and the upper skin is too expensive, every time after a big task, you must apply shoe polish for maintenance, otherwise it will have to crack, which can be said to be cheap and durable In contrast, the currently newly equipped 17-style military boots use a molding process in the process, that is, the sole rubber is melted, so that it is injected into the abrasive and the upper is hot-melted. This can extend the service life and there is almost no problem of glue opening. At the same time, under the equipment of ensuring the upper leather and the midsole Kevlar stab-resistant layer, the weight of the 17 is reduced by 20% compared to the 07.

At present, the price of the genuine 3514 is between 200 and 300. In all fairness, 07 and 17 are cheap and durable, comfortable, and functional. They can also come in handy for climbing, hiking, construction sites, and even rural farming. But today I am here to recommend a wave of dry goods! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I believe that if you want to buy a good pair of boots, it will certainly not satisfy this kind of ordinary boots.

First, the first echelon, Junlock, Magnum, belleville,

These pairs belong to the advanced team. Junlock is one of the best-selling functional shoes brands in North America. It is famous for manufacturing multifunctional safety shoes and high-end military and police boots. Founded in Taiwan in 1972, it has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience focusing on multi-functional safety shoes and high-end military and police boots. The European and American international high-end brands produced or OEM are: GK PRO, WOLVERINE, TERRA, 511TACTICAL, DAKOTA, MUCK, CONVERSE······ Many people may know that Adidas' GSG9 series combat boots are outstanding, but many people have never heard such a gossip that Junlock is the foundry of Adidas GSG9. Therefore, the quality and quality control of the boots manufactured by Jun Locke.

Its products have been launched in 4 inch police, 6 inch commuter, 8 inch military, urban combat boots, mountain combat and various civilian versions. The general configuration is ps4 bulletproof cloth midsole and Oshuna pu foam insoles. There are several The V-bottom of this type of boots, and the upper is also a mix of cordura and cowhide, which effectively enhances abrasion resistance and tear resistance.

The Vibram sole adopts a special formula to make hiking shoes have outstanding grip, lightness, wear resistance and durability. It soon replaced steel spikes as the standard sole of hiking shoes. To this day, Vibram’s gold octagonal logo has become Synonymous with quality and high functionality.

The second tier, 511, lowa, Salomon, danner

Although these are all foreign brands, they are undoubtedly synonymous with quality and quality. Among them, the 511 tactics specially designed for tactics and military police, and their durable and reliable combat boots are called tactical labor protection shoes. Under the blessing of the product line of desert boots, commuter boots, military and police boots and training outdoor boots, they have a very wide audience and reliable quality, but the problems of poor wearing experience and poor waterproof and breathable performance criticized by military fans Has always existed, overall it is a more recommended military tactical boots.

Secondly, Lowa, under the integrated casting process, the soles and uppers are integrated with glue, and there is almost no problem of opening the soles. The German brand of lowa is well-known both domestically and internationally. There are countless classics under the brand. Shoes. But when "LOWA" is mentioned, most military enthusiasts think of the shape of the ZEPHYR series for the first time. In fact, lowa also has a product line of outdoor shoes, and there are many types. Compared with lowa military boots, Outdoor shoes are equipped with GTX waterproof and large V-bottom. The uppers are mostly turned fur and cowhide, while military boots are lowa rubber outsoles, and the upper is a combination of nylon and cowhide, which pays more attention to military versatility than the V-sole. , More suitable for urban commuting and outdoor mountain combat.

Finally, Salomon and Danner from France. Salomon itself is a manufacturer of professional cross-country running and skiing equipment. Many cross-country runners’ first or advanced equipment is Salomon, but its military enforcement boots are It is also quite famous in the circle. Its salomon force's four major product series include fast assault, police commuting, mountain combat and cold zone combat. Among them, fast assault boots are shoes that use their own cross-country running technology, police and cold zones. Not to mention, most of the mountain combat series purchased in the circle have better protection and versatility than fast assault and police use. Its x alp mountaineering series launched in the past two years also has a good response.

Danner, which is synonymous with men’s romance, was born in Poland in the United States and is known as the "Rolls Royce of Shoes". The waterproof sock technology widely used in outdoor products was later bought out by Gore. Most shoes and boots use GORE-TEX waterproof technology.