tips to find best chinese army surplus supplier

Firstly:  Anyway, quality is the most important thing,but how to recognize the quality? As a buyer, you must have a skilled Or professional Procurement staff,not only negotiation skill, but also product knowledge,technics,etc. which can help you to decrease the chance of receiving bad quality goods.

Secondly, price is important for the order, but the service is also very very important. "Service" is not only for "Passionate, courteous“ during calling, e-mail and meeting,  Most important, service is in the full process, sample period,contract terms confirmation period,production period,after-sales period, all the process needs carefulness,responsibility to confirm all the details,like how to pack before shipment, which will not break the goods, after shipment, how and when send documents for Customs Clearance,inform ETA,ETD,etc. Good service can help you save much time, avoid many problems, maybe bring big profit which is more than price.

Thirdly, find a strong and expeirenced, long-history company, not surely factory, because sometimes, an experienced trading company, knows the rule of this industry well, he knows all factories' real situation, products' advantages, deficiencies,price,etc. In another words, maybe this trading company can get even lower price than some factories, and with its rich experience,he can provide better service than factories,like how to ship some special products? For example, for military and police products, there are many different strict rule and restrict, only experienced suppliers knows how to manage, that is why, our regular buyers of military uniform, asked us to provide them solutions of other army surplus and police equipment.

Equipped with professional Military Camouflage Uniform factory since 1999 ,located in Xiaogan Industrial Area, we specially produce Battle Dress BDU Uniform,Army Combat ACU Uniform,M65 Field Combat Jacket, Wool Great Coat,Aramid Fire-retardent Flight Overall Working Uniform,etc. We had shipped our Military Clothing to many countrie's Armed Forces, Ministry of National Defense and Police Security Departments from Asian,African,Middle East, South American, and Europe with good feedback.

With business expanding, we began to provide solotions to our regular buyers for other Military Military Surplus from 2009,including:
Bulletproof Body Armor,like bulletproof helmet,ballistic Jacket,Bulletproof Plate,Anti riot suits,handcuff and other Police Equipment.
Military Outdoor equipment: Military MGPTS Refuee Tent,Army Camouflage Backpack,Hydration Bladder,Military Bottle and Mess Kits,etc.
Military Dual Density DMS Boot,like desert boot,jungle boot,combat boot,canvas boot,officer shoes,etc.

Other Military Clothing accessories,like military sweater,military raincoat,military beret,camouflage fabric,military blanket,etc.

Any demand,please feel free to contact us by Or WhatsApp:8613302019738