Tactical vest Structure

Used module of structure, can combined existing weapons, and ammunition and the communications, equipment, and can simple free replaced module; wear vest not effect helmet, and bulletproof vest, and personal weapons using and contains hands and other standard individual action, and shooting,; can and existing around clothing match wearing and needed increased size, including gloves; wear all type of military gloves Shi can wear off this vest; tactical vest needed in no others of assist zhixia, wear who can in 30 seconds within easily to combination, and wearing, and adjustment to fit state ; Has combination of vest in repeat wearing Shi, just at least of again on align and the adjustment; water in the from time shall not over 15 seconds; tactical vest in continuous using life for 5 years, intermittent sex store during its function life should for 10 years; tactical vest needed through resistance friction test; can fast adjustment vest size, not effect bulletproof vest, and tactical saddle seat and the umbrella of wearing and activities; for steam locomotive, and aircraft, and ship ship and the fighting vehicles combat action.