Police Water Bottle

Police Water bottle is also known as stainless steel vacuum police heat preservation Water Bottle. The elastic Water Bottle body has been tested by the Ministry of Public Security to resist collision, squeeze and not deform, small size, light weight, large capacity, good heat preservation effect and long-term heat preservation effect.


Police Water Bottle can generally be divided into two types:

1. Police flat water bottle

2. Police round water bottle


1) Small size, light weight, large capacity, using the world's most advanced tailless high vacuum welding assembly line production technology, the same volume and small dimensions, and the vacuum life can be maintained for more than 8 years;

2) In a normal temperature environment (about 20°C), after injecting 500 ml of water above 95°C for 8 hours, the heat preservation performance will reach above 60°C, and after 24 hours it will reach above 40°C;

3) The spout of the police water bottle is treated with a circular arc, which has a safe and comfortable taste and overcomes the hidden danger of unsafe sharp edges;

4) The body of the water bottle adopts an ultra-light and elastic design, which can quickly restore its original shape after pressing and colliding with the kettle body, which is convenient to carry and avoids deformation due to accidental collision with the kettle body;

5) The alarm signal is engraved by laser on the water bottle body, which is not easy to be confused;

6) The inner liner of the police water bottle adopts the bright effect, which feels bright and bright;

7) Volume: 0.5L.

8) The base material of the pot body is all made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel;

9) The elastic jug body is resistant to collision, squeezed without deformation, leading the world.