The most accessible military equipment-military carrying case

When it comes to military equipment, many people have only heard of it and never used it. Many so-called military equipment sold on online shopping platforms are sold under the guise of military equipment and sell some three-no products. For some special reasons, real military equipment cannot be accessed by ordinary people. The military carrying case we will introduce today is so versatile that even ordinary people can buy it and use it.

Camera lens special carrying case trolley case

Some people even use the military carrying case as a suitcase or boarding case. So what is the difference between a military carrying case and an ordinary suitcase? The biggest difference lies in the two words military. Military carrying cases must be durable, waterproof and shockproof. This is something that many civilian suitcases or trolley cases cannot do.

Military Carrying Case

Imagine that if it is an ordinary suitcase, it will be broken after a few throws during air consignment. Therefore, many people who go out and travel, if they carry some valuables like cameras, lenses, precision instruments, etc., will use carrying cases instead of trolley cases. But is the carrying case really so perfect? The disadvantage is still fatal, that is, it is expensive.

Some standards for military carrying cases

MIL-STD-810F 512.4 (Federal test standard immersion test)

MIL-STD-810F 514.5 (U.S. Federal Test Method Vibration Test Standard)

FED-STD-101C (U.S. Federal Test Method Low Temperature Drop Standard)

ATA300 (Air Transport Association standard drop hammer impact)

ASTMIP67 (IP waterproof and dustproof protection grade)

ASTMB4169.DC-18 (American Society for Testing and Materials rain test)

STANAG4280 (NATO Waterproof and Moisture-proof Standard Agreement)