Military Armed belt

A belt used in modern military officer outfits. Can hang pistols and command knives. Armament belts refer to military belts including shoulder straps. According to regulations, they are used only for officers and guards of honor on specific occasions. The corresponding military (outer) belts can be leather or canvas.

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1. The function of etiquette, tying an armed belt is very energetic and a sense of majesty.

2. The field armed belt can be used to hang short weapons such as pistols and daggers, and it can also be used to hang small objects such as bullet belts, grenades, and medical kits.

3. Girdle, the body shape of a person becomes "Y". After being neatly worn, it is tied to the outside of the clothes, neat and neat, and looks more mighty. This is the guard standing guard, patrol picket and the armed belt of the inner guard. effect.

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History development

The armed belt is exclusively for officers. In the old days, officers wore a saber on the left side of the belt to prevent the heavier saber from dropping the belt and affecting the military appearance. Therefore, a shoulder belt was placed on the right shoulder and left obliquely to hang the belt. This added a shoulder belt. It is the armed belt. Later, military uniforms rarely wore sabers, but the armed belt was not removed from the officer's body along with the saber. The armed belts worn by soldiers were more heroic than the belts, so they were retained.

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Nowadays, some people call our military outer belts an armed belt, which is strictly wrong. The main difference between the armed belt and the outer belt is that the former has a shoulder strap while the latter does not. Also, the waistband is wide and narrow, and the waistband part of the armed belt is all wide. If it is buttonhole type, all are double-breasted. The armed belt in the period of the Nationalist government is also commonly known as the diagonal belt. If it was said at the time: This kid is promising, he put on a diagonal belt. It means that this person is promoted by a soldier to an officer, because generally only officers can be qualified to wear an armed belt, and soldiers usually can only wear a belt.

Police Belt

Chinese soldiers' belting of armed belts began in 1922 when the Fengjun's military consolidation was carried out. After Fengjun was defeated in the first Zhifeng War, he began to implement a series of military reforms. Not only was his military thinking, organization and munitions system different from the old Beiyang system, but even the military uniforms and decorations were also made. The adoption of armed belts created a precedent for Chinese soldiers to wear armed belts. The Beiyang old system adopted from the beginning to the end of the Beiyang Direct System Anhui system and the Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, and Guangxi military systems of the Southwest warlords. The Beiyang military uniform was transplanted from the Japanese army, and the saber was hung directly on the inner belt, so there was no.

Military Belt7Commando Belt

Armed belt configuration

Consists of a wide waist belt, a cross-body shoulder strap, and a knife loop (which can be used to suspend command knives, or small handbags without straps but buttons, such as map bags, etc.)

Army Belt


In fact, military clothing and related equipment (such as helmets, leggings, etc.) have certain origins. The belts (also known as armed belts) worn by soldiers on regular occasions are also the same, and there are related legends.

According to legend, there were frequent wars in Europe before World War II. Soldiers often walked through deep mountains and dense forests, and their clothes were often torn apart by thorns (hanging). It was very inconvenient to move. Some soldiers used straw ropes and wild vines on their waists and legs. Avoid some unnecessary troubles. Over time, a consensus was formed for the army to march.

Later it evolved into an armed belt, and the function of the belt is not just the original function of combat.

In addition to the beautiful decoration of the belt, you can also hang guns, handcuffs, walkie-talkies and other portable equipment on it. The color has also developed from the original black to yellow, white, etc., and the texture has also been developed from the original straw rope to canvas, artificial leather, cowhide, etc.