Knowledge and information about Camouflage Shoes

Camouflage shoes, the upper and body of the shoes are made of camouflage fabric, the soles are generally brown or black, and the laces are generally black or green. Because camouflage is also divided into many types, camouflage shoes are also divided into different camouflage colors.

Camouflage shoes are divided into military camouflage shoes and non-military camouflage shoes according to the scope of use; according to the color, they can be divided into jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, marine camouflage, desert camouflage, urban camouflage, plateau desert camouflage, aviation camouflage, desert camouflage, etc.; Height can be divided into high-waist camouflage shoes and low-waist camouflage shoes; according to the material can be divided into camouflage cloth shoes, camouflage rubber shoes, camouflage leather shoes, etc.; according to the style can be divided into camouflage slippers, camouflage sports shoes, etc.

Military camouflage shoes

Military camouflage shoes are one of the shoes equipped for the army, and they are usually called training shoes in the army. It is mainly used for training, combat and combat preparation materials. The characteristics of military camouflage shoes are durable, not easy to wear and comfortable. The surface color is camouflage, so it is conducive to concealment. Military camouflage shoes have a certain anti-infrared function, which is the biggest difference between them and non-military camouflage shoes. The most commonly used military camouflage shoes are 99 and 07. The use of military camouflage shoes in our army is different according to different types of military arms. The difference lies in the different camouflage colors.

Non-military camouflage shoes

All kinds of camouflage shoes

Non-military camouflage shoes are an imitation of military camouflage shoes. It is mainly divided into sports type and leisure type. It only has the function of ordinary shoes, and its purpose is only to protect the feet and wear with clothes and pants, and play a beautiful role. Non-military camouflage is used for the military training of students.