Knowledge about Military Tent

Military tents are also called cotton tents, construction tents, civilian tents, etc. It is one of the tents, and is a general-purpose tent product for military and civilian use. It is used for long-term/short-term residential use during field investigation, camping, prospecting, construction, disaster relief, and flood prevention.

Military Tent


(1) Tent specifications: 4*3, 4.5*4.6, 6*4.6, 7.5*4.8, 10*4.8. The square tube bracket is 25, 30 spray paint, the tube thickness is standard 1.2MM, and the square tube structure is relatively stable. (The side height is 1.8 meters, the top height is 3 meters, can support the upper and lower bunks)

(2) The tent has a reasonable structure, is safe and reliable in use, and can withstand the load of 8 wind and 6 cm thick snow at the same time.

(3) The tent adopts a steel frame structure, which is simple in structure and convenient for exhibition and collection. It can be erected or withdrawn by 4 people in about 25 minutes (the product is attached with the installation manual, which will be ready at a glance).

(4) Tent (cloth bag + steel frame, 4 or 5 pieces), all parts are packed in a cloth bag, and the shape is regular, which is convenient for long-distance transportation with vehicles or short-distance transportation by manpower.

(5) The entire tent is made of military green canvas and Oxford cloth (warm in winter and cool in summer), felt in the middle, and lined with white cloth. The workmanship is based on military tents. The windows are equipped with gauze to prevent mosquitoes and ventilation. The windows are equipped with plexiglass panels, which can be used to prevent wind and light in summer, and can be used for light and heat preservation in winter

Military Tent 9


The workmanship is based on military tents (solid materials). The top fabric is three-proof fabric, the gable and wall fabrics are thick cotton canvas, the middle uses thick felt, and the inner liner is white cloth. Doors and windows (screen windows) have a large opening area and have the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof and ventilation (warm in winter and cool in summer).

The support rods are welded 3cmX3cm square tubes, using high-oxygen welding method, do anti-rust treatment (strong and durable).

The tent adopts a steel frame structure with a reasonable structure (the product is attached with an installation manual, which can be seen at a glance).

The standard tent is 1.5 meters high, and the special tent is 1.8 meters high (can be put on bunk beds).

Military Tent 8


3 series standard tent: 3 M×2 M 3 M×4 M

4.5 series standard tent: 4.5M×5M 4.5M×7.5M 4.5M×10M

5 series standard tent: 5 M×4 M 5 M×6 M 5 M×8 M

5 series of special tents: 5 M×4 M 5 M×6 M 5 M×8 M

Military Tent 4


Military tents can be divided into metal bracket military and steel structure military tents

Military Tent 3


Installation and use of military tents:

1. Before setting up a military tent, you must carefully survey the terrain. There should be no rolling stones, rolling logs and those weathered rocks above the camp;

2. Do not set up military tents near the river bank or on the dry river bed during the rainy season;

3. To prevent lightning strikes, please do not set up military tents on the top of a mountain or in an open field;

4. When installing on mud or sand, drainage ditches can be dug around the military tent to ensure the dryness of the ground in the tent;

5. If you need to cook in a military tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tarp or use a fireproof board to isolate the flame. People should not leave the tent during cooking, prepare a fire-fighting plan at ordinary times, and install an exhaust fan to remove oil smoke;

6. Please remove the military tents in advance if the local wind force is predicted to exceed level 8. Military tent maintenance knowledge

7. Before storing the cotton tent, be sure to dry the tarp, and fold it after it is dry. If it is too late, let the tarp dry, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to avoid staining and mildew.

8. Depending on the local humidity and climate, dry the tarp regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding and damage the rainproof coating of military tents.

Military inflatable tents are different from ordinary military tents, inflatable tents and construction tents. They have the following product features:

A. The fabric material of the military inflatable tent is polyester blue waterproof Oxford.

B. There is a 15CM width calender under the gable, which is used to bury underground or press heavy objects to prevent military inflatable tents from overturning and snakes and insects from crawling in.

C. The bracket of the military inflatable tent is made of GB25 steel pipe treated with plastic spraying.

D. All windows have screens. In addition to nylon zippers, the connection between the covering cloth of the door and screen window of the military inflatable tent and the wall is reinforced by cloth buttons to prevent the curtains from being closed when the wind is strong.

E. The military inflatable tent has a 10cm diameter hole above the doorway for entry and exit, which is used to arrange the chimney when the stove is used for heating in winter. Usually covered with cloth.

F. Generally speaking, the dimensions of military inflatable tents have specified standards: length * width 4000*3000; height 2500/1600; two doors and four windows, which can accommodate eight people.

Military Tent 2


1: Fabric-high-density polyester yarn, polyester waterproof cloth is suitable for umbrellas, car covers, ocean umbrellas, luggage, handbags, shower curtains, table cloths, chair covers, sleeping bags and other high-end clothing linings. High-density polyester yarn and polyester waterproof cloth are also traditional fabrics of chemical fiber fabrics. The second cloth has higher waterproof performance!

2: Bracket-Plastic steel structure: Plastic steel structure does not need to be manually installed, and it is easy to retract.

The tents are made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, and the workmanship is very exquisite. They have passed strict EU CE and EN71 safety testing certifications. The products are mainly sold in the EU and Japanese markets. No pungent taste, you can use it with confidence!

Most tents have gauze nets, whose function is to ensure the ventilation effect inside the tent, there is enough fresh air, and you can observe the outdoor activities outside the tent! Special reminders, most of the tent doors are glued with Velcro. Sometimes the Velcro will stick to the gauze when the tent is retracted, which will cause the gauze to stick in the area. It is not a quality problem or defect of the gauze!


1. Open the product package and unfold it slowly. (Note that the product will bounce quickly when it is turned on) Please use it carefully.

2. There are accessories in this product, please follow the instructions to install the accessories.

3. After use, put away the accessories completely for the convenience of next use.

4. When folding, you can follow the folding packaging diagram in the bag, if you don’t understand, please contact the shopkeeper.


1. This product should be kept away from power sources and flammable materials to avoid unnecessary losses.

2. The product cannot bear weight, please do not place heavy objects on the product.

3. Please place this product in a safe place to prevent children from being injured when playing.

4. When the tent is in use, it should be reinforced with drawstring nails to prevent the residents from collapsing.