Knowledge about Military Supplies Shop

Military stores refer to physical stores engaged in the sale of legal military products. The business scope is mostly the sale of a series of military products such as camouflage uniforms, leather boots, military boots, military gloves, military quilts, military coats, fire alarm equipment, and safety helmets, cotton towels, bright flashlights, T-shirts and other labor protection supplies.

Name: Military Store

Explanation: the entity engaged in the sale of legal military products, which specializes in the sale of legal military products. 

Types of military stores: men's military uniforms, etc.

Legal military products: military supplies

Famous military brand 5.11

Purpose: camping equipment

Military products

Military products: Military products in a broad sense are everything related to military affairs. In a narrow sense, military products specifically refer to military products produced by military factories and by the military product department, which have passed military inspections and have been installed in the army.

Legitimate military products: This concept came about because many military products in China are expressly prohibited from sale by law, and military products here are military products in a broad sense. The definition of legal military products is the military-related things that are allowed to circulate, trade, and use in the market by law.

The early military shop 

The early military stores were actually 5-10 years ago. Few companies can operate successfully. I think the main reason is that the original military products are niche. For example, clothing, some people like it, but few people think they can wear it out, even if it’s American or German. Then the price is relatively high. Now that there are more military shops, some people have opinions on whether military products are authentic or not.

Military factories are distributed in many provinces and cities. Around each military factory, there will be many wholesale points, some of which are products of local military factories, including military products of the Ministry of Military Products and genuine and imitation products of the Ministry of Civil Products. The other part is the various items of local private factories, mainly imitations, and the production of individual private factories has also been purchased by the military. There are other local agents in military factories or private factories. It's the same everywhere, mixed.

Product Category

【Men's Military Uniform】

Windbreaker Jacket, Army Pants, Long-sleeved T-shirt,  Shorts,  Long-sleeved shirt,  Sweater,  Tight vest, Short-sleeved T-shirt, Short-sleeved shirt, Men’s training clothes

【Women's Military Uniform】

Windbreaker Jacket, Military Pants, Shorts,  Long Sleeve Shir,t Short Skirt,  Military Sweater, Vest Sling,  Short Sleeve Shirt,  Women's Training Uniforms,  Military Bags

【Military Backpack】

Saddle Bag, Rucksack, Waist Bag, MacGyxian Wallet, German World War II PFC

[Military and police boots hiking shoes]

Military boots, Combat boots, Special police boots, Flying boots, Desert boots, Hiking shoes, Hiking shoes Footwear accessories

【Glasses and binoculars】

Sunglasses, goggles, military binoculars, night vision, military sniper scopes

【Flashlight lighting】

Strong light flashlight, Tactical flashlight, Military flashligh,t Police flashlight, LED flashlight Flashlight accessories

【Military accessories】

Military belt, military cap, helmet, tactical gloves, medal, armband, uniform, accessories, model, soldier

【Military users outdoor camping equipment】

Swiss Army Knife, Compass Pointer, Swiss Army Watch, Military Tent, Military Sleeping Bag, Military Air Cushion, Picnic Food, Multifunctional Tableware, Military Table and Chair, Military Camping Bed, Multifunctional Spade Blade

【Chinese and foreign military collections】

Military hip flask, Military mouthpiece, Military smoking set ,Personalized ashtray



5.11 Tactical Series is one of the products produced by Royal Robbins outdoor clothing manufacturer. The manufacturer has more than 30 years of outdoor clothing production history. Royal Robbins 5.11 Tactical Series related products are loved by the United States federal and state executive units. The most important thing is the simple and practical design, coupled with the production of 100% pure cotton fabric, the use of suitable cutting and firm sewing, not too wide or too tight, can cope with the possibility of violent operations and general cleaning Under the circumstances, it still retains sufficient durability.

The 5.11 tactical series was created in 1968 and is known for its durability, versatility, and high quality. 5.11 describes a level of mountaineering difficulty in mountaineering. 5.0 is the easiest, 5.10 is a little bit difficult, 5.11 is the most difficult, and 5.11 is defined as "After this difficulty, it is almost impossible. However, Sometimes some people will reach this difficulty."


Alpha Industries, which established a factory in the United States in 1959, has now become the largest supplier of flight jackets and military windbreakers to the US military. Many innovations in the design and production of U.S. Air Force jackets originated from Alpha's design and production team. Today, Alpha Industries is the world's leading flight equipment brand and is trusted by people.


Founded in 1969, ALTAMA is one of the three top military boot brands and has successfully become the leading brand in the U.S. military boots standard, providing the best military boots for thousands of military personnel worldwide.

After Operation Desert Storm in Iraq in 1991, ALTAMA company developed high-efficiency civilian combat boots using traditional PANAMA soles. These boots not only meet military standards, but also incorporate a lot of practical experience. In 2003, ALTAMA took the lead in launching Original Ripple Sole Boots to the civilian market. Boots with this sole can provide users with more traction. The ALTAMA infantry series (Hoplite) was launched in 2008. As one of the most important equipment on the battlefield today, this series has been adopted by the US Air Force.

For 40 consecutive years, ALTAMA has followed the footsteps of the US military to various jungles, deserts and mountains. ALTAMA's high degree of assurance to customers is reflected in its high quality and comfort for each pair of boots, and it has been recognized by users all over the world.

Blackhawk/Black Hawk

The American Black Hawk Products Group is a company that produces special military and police tactical equipment. It is also one of the tactical equipment suppliers approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for the U.S. Army and powerful law enforcement agencies. Its products are known for their practicality, durability and safety, and they are being widely used in American active duty forces, special forces and special police units. This series of products has experienced actual combat tests in Iraq and Afghanistan. Black Hawk distributors are located all over the world. With their strong support, Black Hawk will continue to maintain its leading position in the tactical equipment industry.


MagForce is a Taiwanese manufacturer, its full name is "Taiwan MacGyx International Development Co., Ltd.". It produces military and police products for the army and police, as well as civilian products, just like the American Black Hawk.


The American FBI approached the British HI-TEC Group in 1982 and asked them to design the most sophisticated uniform shoes on the market for the FBI. The FBI’s requirements are very high. It must be ultra-light, comfortable, silent, and durable... It must also reflect the FBI’s heroic image of shrewdness, agility, and wit.

FRANK VAN WEZEL, the founder of HI-TEC, used high-performance sports shoe technology to personally design an epoch-making elite black boot for the FBI and named it MAGNUM. The FBI didn't like MAGNUM and placed a big order immediately.

Because of the success of MAGNUM, FRANK VAN WEZEL established an independent MAGNUM company, which specializes in designing and producing high-performance and fashionable shoes and apparel products for the elite and disciplined forces around the world. So far, MAGNUM has become the world's largest elite apparel brand, with products sold in more than 70 countries. A series of client lists include the United Nations Peace Forces, NATO, U.S. Army, British Army, Singapore Army, Japanese Army, New York Police, Los Angeles Police, etc. And when the British Prince Harry was going to serve in the Middle East in May, he also bought a pair of MAGNUM "DESERT STORM Desert Operation" military boots at his own expense.


From 1975 to 1980, Oakley has been producing protective glasses for off-road racing as the mainstream. After years of experience in design, production and market demand, they have used the crystallization of high technology and intelligence to create a series of high-performance fashion glasses. Today, Oakley has more than 600 patents and 800 registered trademarks worldwide. Its eyewear products include (M-frame,

Zeros, E-Wires, Eye-Jackets, X-Metal, Overthetop, etc. series), and all Oakley glasses series are all produced, assembled, inspected and packaged in the United States to ensure that the quality of Oakley glasses is absolutely correct.


TAD is an American company based in San Francisco that manufactures top-notch outdoor equipment and supplies that are very cool and practical. In addition to their products often appearing outdoors, they are also contracted by many for their excellent quality and unique design. Shang (synonymous with modern mercenaries) specializes in (and the company has a unique feature, that is, many things it produces are only made to order. If you didn't buy it at the time, you would have nowhere to buy it later.)

Prospect analysisedit

Now the legal military products transactions on the market are becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s collectibles, imitations, models, etc., the transaction amount is generally hundreds of thousands, or even higher; and all kinds of commercial military products combined with outdoor sales , It is highly sought after by a large number of outdoor activities. Currently, the circulation and trading of legal military products has formed a very large market and profit chain in the world. As my country’s National Defense Science and Technology Commission has encouraged non-public enterprises to enter the military manufacturing industry in recent years, a large number of high-quality military products have flowed into the domestic and international markets. In fact, the consumption of military products in the minds of the people is very high. According to the survey, more than 96% of Chinese people agree that military products are synonymous with individuality, strength, durability, and excellent performance. Under the same conditions of use, most people choose to use military products instead of other commercial products. And the enthusiasm of many military fans for all kinds of tight military products is also a huge market that must not be underestimated. According to predictions by relevant agencies, in the next ten years, my country’s military product market will grow rapidly and become an important consumption factor in modern clothing and tourism consumables. The market share is expected to be around 200 billion yuan, and this does not include upcoming research and development. The latest digital military model market.