Explosion-proof clothing

Riot, also known as riot armor suits. It is widely used in such areas as riot control, massive repression of riots.

(1) the riot armor suit outer material is high-strength coated fabric and into special plastic, nontoxic, damage to human nature.

(2) in riot armor suit protective layer components resistant to high and low temperature performance (+ 55 ° c/-20 ℃, 4H), puncture resistance (20 joules), impact resistance (120 kJ), hitting the energy absorption capacity (100 joules), flame retardant properties are public safety industry GA420-2008 standards.

(3) the riot in abdominal stab-resistant armor suit based on the added adjustable protective SAC Bowl while clips are installed at the chest and spinal protection, this product is designed for police officers to go to the bathroom, more practical.

(4) the riot armor suit superior material quality, light weight, total weight 6.5 kg lighter than conventional products.

(5) the chest, back, thighs, calves, arms and other parts are provided with air suspension system.

(6) the riot armor suit designed, respectively, in the chest, the back set of detachable core-stab-resistant liner, perform special tasks, the bulletproof bile cores can be mounted at any time.

(7) in riot armor suit added adjustable multi-function leather bag, gas mask bag, multi-function hooks, improve operational utility.

(8) packaging design back, dual-use, multifunctional pockets, real strong