Digital camouflage clothing

Digital camouflage, also known as digital camouflage, is to input the required patterns into the computer through various digital design methods. After processing by the software designed by a special computer, the computer layout is used to simulate the natural environment image with dense small squares New camouflage technology.

Name: Digital Camouflage Clothing

Technical means: Various digital design methods

Use: Protection, camouflage

Basic Information

The difference between traditional camouflage technology and digital camouflage technology

The camouflage of traditional military uniforms is drawn by hand. They are composed of many irregular spots and stripes. There are obvious boundaries between different colors, and their concealment and camouflage effects are not ideal;

Digital camouflage layout is a new type of camouflage technology that simulates the natural environment with densely packed "pixels" grids, which can solve the problems of unnatural connection between traditional camouflage color blocks and low bridges with the background, plus the inherent anti-detection The camouflage performance greatly improves the camouflage effect of military uniforms in short distances. Camouflage uniforms can be "invisible" because of the use of special dyes. The digital camouflage pattern of the "07-style" training uniform can not only escape the recognition of the naked eye, but also has the function of anti-detection in some low light and infrared bands.

The dotted color blocks and color mixing principle of digital camouflage blur the edges between different colors, which is similar to the pointillism style of Western Impressionist painter Seurat in the 19th century.