Chinese bulletproof vests sell well all over the world, and British soldiers say they are good when they use them, but why the PLA has so little equipment?

In the boundless darkness, many unsolved and mysterious waiting quietly, waiting for the torch of exploration to light up, let us start the journey of exploring history together and look up to the civilized Tower of Babel!

Nowadays, products made in China are not only high in quality and low in price, but also in higher technological content and quality. Take, for example, the body armor most commonly equipped by the military and police. China's body armor technology is recognized as the best in the world! Even India, which has always boycotted Chinese products, has imported body armor materials used by the military from China! However, compared with heavily armed American soldiers, our PLA soldiers rarely wear body armor. Why?

China's body armor technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent decades. Soldiers and mercenaries in many armies all over the world like to buy body armor from China. Some foreign soldiers of the French Foreign Corps even let Chinese comrades purchase body armor from China. Where can you buy body armor? Actually there is it on Taobao! Some military enthusiasts in Europe expressed doubts about the Chinese body armor. They experimented with the classic Mosin Nagan rifle. As a result, the bullet could not penetrate the Chinese body armor at all!

In 2006, the British army was attacked in an operation. A British soldier was hit by a bullet in 12 places, but his comrades pulled him to safety and found that he was not fatally injured! And this soldier is wearing Chinese bulletproof vests. It is no wonder that Chinese bulletproof vests are welcomed by soldiers from all over the world! In addition to good quality, Chinese body armor has another advantage, that is, it is cheap! You know that Chinese bulletproof vests can be bought for 100 dollars, but Western countries sell them for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! And the level of these high-priced bulletproof vests is no different from the 100 US dollars in China!

Since China's body armor is cheap and easy to use, even soldiers from other countries have said it is good. Why do our own soldiers rarely see body armor? In fact, it is very simple, not because we are not willing to spend money, after all, tens of billions of aircraft carriers have been built! Our army has very few opportunities for actual combat and naturally does not need body armor! Soldiers from the United States and other Western countries often participate in wars and need to wear body armor to protect their lives! Moreover, the United States is a country that holds guns legally. Their military and police may face shooting from criminals when patrolling. They need to wear body armor and helmets at all times.

In contrast, China does not have as many shooting incidents as the United States, and the People's Liberation Army is currently not fighting around the world like the United States. And body armor is not permanent, they also have a "shelf life", generally speaking, the material in the body armor will age over time, so it needs to be changed every few years. There are 2.3 million soldiers in active service in China. If it costs a lot to change all of these soldiers into body armor, it would be a meaningless expense for the Chinese army without combat missions. Therefore, except for the frontline soldiers, most of the soldiers are not equipped with bulletproof equipment. clothes. The soldiers dispatched by China to perform UN peacekeeping missions around the world are always facing enemy attacks, and they all wear body armor.