Cabinet Type FM200 Fire Extinguisher

Basic Info

  • Object: Electrical Fire

  • Size: 70kg

  • Portable Extinguisher: Cabinet Type

  • Retirement Life: 20 Yeas

  • Specification: GB

  • Certification: GB8013-2005, CE

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Power Source: Gas Fire Extinguisher

  • Type: Fire Extinguisher

  • Effective Range: Close Space

  • Origin: China

Product Description

1 Physical properties of gas fire extinguishing agent( fire extinguishing agent) physical properties:
fire extinguishing system can be mainly used in places such as: Personnel resident area, warehouse for storage expensive equipment and important data file place, electrical equipment the place need no conductive fire extinguishing agent, not allowed to cause water damage or some places not allowed be contaminated sites. The computer rooms, electrical data processing & storage center, communication equipments site, telecom telephone exchange room, clean room, programming room, emergency power supply facilities, library, museum and art gallery, expensive medical facilities etc...

2 system design principles

The  gas fire extinguishing system adopt total flooding protection.
Because the area and equipment is important which protected by  gas fire extinguishing system. It also put forward higher requirements on fire protection engineering technology. The technical solution of ea has reflected the advanced nature. Its technical requirements and conditions are mainly embodied in:
A. The main function of the system of : Real time monitoring the protection zone in normal condition. It can automatically alarm in fire accidents, and start the automatic fire extinguishing device according to the control mode under preset data. To release gas fire extinguishing agent, quickly put out the fire in protection district, which in order to protect the equipment running in normal in this zone.

B. The system is composed of two parts such as gas fire-fighting equipment and control system (fire alarm and linkage control equipment).

C. Control system with automatic control mode, manual control mode and emergency manual control mode.

D. Each protection zone can sent fault signal, gas release signal, automatic / manual state signal to the fire alarm system

2.1 The basic parameters of system

Fire put out methods: Total flooding fire
System startup mode: Automatic, manual, mechanical emergency operation

Design temperature: -20 ° C ~55 ° C
Discharging time of gas agent: Not more than 10s
Voltage of system startup: DC24V ± 3V