Why is the bulletproof board not made into a semicircle or triangle?

For modern tanks and armored vehicles, ricocheting is only possible with armors with a large inclination angle, such as the head of the m1 or the UFO turret of the Merkava 4. Ricocheting is not always an advantage. Tanks are also afraid of the weakness of the bomb zone. The armor protection mainly relies on the material density and thickness and the structure of hard shells, which is similar to the bulletproof inserts, which consumes the armor-piercing shells in a hard hit. In addition, the inclined armor greatly affects the interior space of the car body. The triangular front armor should refer to the is-3 type, and similarly there is the American m103 cast car body. These strange shapes are all against the uniform steel bulletproof ability. A compromise between the poor and the weak, after the advent of the composite armor, it has not returned to the boxy shape. The thickness of the composite armor is very large, and it is difficult to arrange it when it is tilted, which also affects the elastic performance. The side armor of the car body has long been eliminated, and the inclination angle of the front side of the turret and the main armor of the car body is very small, or Simply arrange it vertically. In the same way, the large arc bullet-proof flapper also greatly affects personal activities and equipment carrying. The medieval plate armor can maintain the vault structure. After all, there is no need to hang a lot of equipment outside the plate armor, and the knight master does not need to lie on his stomach to make tactical moves.

Body Armor Plate