Army Boot Details

In the complex terrain environment, it is self-evident that a pair of military boots with excellent performance can protect the ankle. 


Type 07 combat boots


Type 03 and type 07 combat boots

Type 03 combat boots are not equipped with a large number of equipment, only a small number of special forces, peacekeeping forces and other special groups. Type 07 combat boots are the active service products of a large number of equipment in our army. Their basic performance and appearance are very similar to type 03. 


1、 The cushion insole of type 03 contains rubber buffer layer, which is thinner than that of type 07. However, the insole of type 07 basically imitates the insole of basketball shoes, and its cushioning performance is superior to that of type 03. Because of insole reason, 07 type is comfortable. 

2.Type 07 rubber sole adopts double density technology (high density rubber for outer layer and low density rubber for inner layer) to reduce weight. Type 03 uses a single layer of high-density rubber.  

3、 Type 07 has a sponge cushion to prevent leg congestion, while type 03 has no such design. (Note: the function of sponge cushion is similar to that of Leggings).

4. The lining and leather tailoring of type 4, type 03 and type 07 are also different. If the reader does not have the material object, it is difficult to understand, so I will not repeat it here. 

5. V. stud holes are reserved in the 03 type heel.  

6、 The nominal size of type 07 is one size larger than the normal size (e.g. shoes with size 44, size 43 can be worn), while type 03 is the normal size.  


1、 The sole has Kevlar anti puncture layer, which has a certain anti puncture ability, and anti puncture performance is very important for military boots.  

2、 The sole pattern has the same design, and its effect is similar to the Panamanian sole of American military boots. 

3. Both of them adopt skin and bore bottom technology.

Type 03 combat boots

If you wade through the water network, the tongue base of 07 combat boots will leak


1、 It is only comfortable in the range of - 10 ~ 20 ℃. 2. The leather of the boot is easy to wear.  

3、 The boot toe retains the traditional square shape design, which is not practical enough.  

4、 The root of the boot tongue will leak. After the leakage, the bottom of the skin chamber will absorb a lot of water, which needs to be dried for about 2 days.  

5、 No specific cleaning instructions were provided for the cloth part of the boots. Because from the use of the situation, only with dry brush cleaning method is not enough. After washing with water, insoles of type 6 and type 07 have poor buffering performance, and insoles and waterproof lining are easy to wear and tear for some people. 7. Because the laces are made of cotton, they are easy to break. Although the nylon shoes purchased by ourselves are not easy to break, they are easy to open the knots by themselves.

Comparison of type 03 and type 07 rear


1. The waterproof lining can play a better waterproof effect in the initial stage.

Second, the bottom of the skin can indeed increase comfort in the early stage, but it seems to play a role in breeding bacteria in the later stage. 3. It has anti-puncture function.


For military boots used for training and combat, the toe and side of the forefoot are easier to wear, while the 07/03 style is more traditional. The author believes that the design should be more advanced, and fully learn from the design concepts of foreign sports military boots.

 Out of the quagmire, cleaning up and maintaining smooth leather combat boots is a more troublesome task. American desert boots can be cleaned up as long as they rub against each other after they are dry or scrape something like dry weeds.                

It must be admitted that although it is cool to swim in combat boots, it is really not a good idea.

Suggestions for improvement:

1. A specially designed military boots suitable for summer can be specially designed. The boots distributed by the garrison in the water network zone can be equipped with anti-glare holes to facilitate drainage.

2. Change the square design of the boot to the round-toed boots like 06 umbrella boots.

3. Switching to the suede suede technology, the leather of the province is always scratched, and oiling the army boots is really troublesome. 4. Add backup insoles and shoelaces.

91 summer skydiving boots

For equipment in the replacement period before retirement, only evaluation is made. Disadvantages:

1. Its shape design is restricted by the design age, which is relatively primitive and not beautiful.

2. Because it is mainly designed for skydiving, the inside of the boot is wide, and because this affects the comfort, if you want to wear it for a long time, the sole of your foot will feel pain. Therefore, it is extremely immoral for some people to promote it as hiking shoes.

3. The front and back cut design of the sole is its biggest flaw. Once walking on a smooth surface with water, it will be surprisingly slippery. Fourth, there is no high-performance cushioning insole like 07.

Umbrella boots ankle patch Advantages:

1. The shoe sole has shallow texture, and the muddy road is not easy to stain a lot of mud. Second, the suede fuzzing treatment eliminates the effort of cleaning boots.

3. Compared with the 07 and 03 styles, it is more comfortable to wear in summer, and there is no such serious sultry feeling.


03 style cold shoes

The performance of the 03 and 07 winter boots has basically not changed much, and the 07 winter boots are not explained here. Advantages:

1. Good temperature adaptability, suitable for areas with large temperature differences. 2. The toe of the boot is excellent in design, suitable for climbing and tactical operations.

3. Comfortable wearing shoes with larger heads.


1. The camphor smell is too big and can't disperse for a long time. 2. Boots are not high enough to get into snow easily. (The 07-style winter boots have been improved)

3. Although it has a waterproof design, if it stays in the snow for too long, there will still be the phenomenon of melt water returning to moisture or even water entering. Explanation of terms related to mainstream military boots:


Plum outsole

Plum blossom outsole: a relatively old combat boot sole texture design, its design is to get the best versatility, but this design is easy to make the sole of the boot stuck with small stones, and it will also bring more mud, which makes the military boots change. weight. The current British army is also equipped with a large number of boots with plum blossoms.


 Panama bottom

Panama bottom: a kind of outsole eliminated by American military boots, designed to deal with the shortage of plum bottom. When the sole is not worn severely at the beginning of wearing, the center of the sole of the foot will be raised around it, and walking on the muddy road can make the mud mass in a state of instability, thereby reducing the amount of dirt on the sole.


 Gravel bottom

Crushed stone sole: Commonly used in outdoor hiking shoes, suitable for outdoor road conditions, the friction coefficient of the same material will be greatly improved compared with the two types of military boot soles. The 03 cold-proof shoes equipped by our army belong to this category.

03/07 style sole


03/07-style boot sole: The front and rear reverse slope design can reduce the amount of mud on the sole and achieve a similar effect to the Panama bottom.                         

Pit bottom

Leather sole: Nail a layer of animal skin inside the shoe sole to absorb sweat. Special Good-Year Structure: The external edge open line technology used in domestic old-fashioned big-toed shoes and military police boots (there is a clear white line on the front of the boot). This structure is not easy to open the glue, and the life span is longer than that of the molded structure.

Molded structure: 03|07 type and a structure often used in foreign military boots, it is easier to open the glue compared to the special good structure.