Army BDU Uniform and ACU Uniform Difference

To be brief, today, we explain the difference between BDU and ACU.

Following is two same Desert Camouflage Uniform, let's say the main difference between them.

Firstly, BDU means Battle Dress Uniform, and ACU means Army Combat Uniform.

Uniform Shirt difference:

  1. BDU Shirt collar is common, with button closure; ACU shirt collar is stand collar, with magic tape closure

  2. BDU shirt breast pocket, is vertical shape, but ACU Shirt breast pocket is slanted.

  3. BDU front fly with button closure, but ACU Shirt front fly with zipper closure

  4. BDU shirt sleeve, no have pockets, but ACU shirt sleeve with pockets and magic tape

  5. In the back, BDU, in the back part, except under armhole, there is stichting, no other stitching, ACU shirt back, in the nearly middle part, there is stitching

Uniform pant difference

  1. BDU Pant leg part, there is vertical pockets, ACU pant leg part, there is slanted pocket with elastic cord

  2. BDU pant shank part, no small pockets, ACU Pant shank part, there is small pocket

  3. BDU waist part, only button closure; ACU Pant waist part, some country army has a round of cord to tie, some country army doesn't have this, so, this is not an important difference.

Ok, this is the main difference between BDU uniform and Army Uniform,except different camouflage or plain colors. Hope it is clear enough.

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