A bulletproof vest with quick release function

A bulletproof vest with a quick release function, comprising a front chest piece and a back piece. A first shoulder strap and a second shoulder strap are arranged on the upper part of the front chest piece, and a first waist belt and a second shoulder belt are arranged on the lower part of the back piece. The second waist belt is provided with matching buckles at the ends of the first waist belt and the second waist belt; the first shoulder belt is detachably connected with the back sheet; the bulletproof vest also includes a quick release assembly, which includes a first steel rope , The second steel rope, the steel rope fixed channel and the quick release handle, the first steel rope and the second steel rope are restrained and fixed by the steel rope fixed channel, and the quick release handle is fastened to the first steel rope and the second steel rope through The first end; the second end of the first steel rope passes through the connecting webbing loops alternately arranged on the second waistband and back sheet, and then folds back into the connecting webbing loops; a plurality of air holes are arranged on the second shoulder strap, After passing the second end of the second steel rope through the connecting loop arranged on the back sheet and passing through the air eye, it is folded back into the webbing on the second shoulder strap.

Bulletproof Jacket