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Gas Mask
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Gas Mask

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Material: Pure rubber, Silicone, etc.

Use: Designed for the military, police and civil defense, can also be used in industry of agriculture, storehouses, scientific research work, etc.

The procedure of wearing gas mask

(1) adjusting the position of fillets

(2) opening them and putting the mask on and then tightening the fillets to finish wearing Attention:

(3) fillets can not be curl or be pressed inside the mask

(4) the stretching forces on each fillet should be equal

(5) screwing the canister tightly up the connector in order to prevent air leakage

(6) considering both comfortable and air tightness while tightening the fillets

(7) after a long time wearing, there would have accumulation of sweat, especially in summer days, on this occasion, bowing down and taking a deep breath, the sweat would release form the exhaust clack.

Pick gas mask off

Grasping the phone and lifting it up ahead to pick the gas mask off bottom-up.

The maintenance and storage of gas mask

(1)wiping the sweat and dirty things on both side of the mask after using keeping the glasses and exhale vale clean especially

(2)in case of having dirty on the exhaust clack, opening the voice meter and pick out the combination of exhaust clack and phone film to make a clean, and then setting them up as original, tightening the cover

(3)stalling the mask in a shady dry place with supporter inside, the same time keeping them away from the organic solvent such as gasoline etc, in order to prevent the distortion of mask

(4)taking the canister off when it would not be used for a long time, and putting the cover, because the canister would low the capacity of adsorption under a wet condition.

(5)in case of water penetration into the canister, replacing a new one at once.