EN 14126:2003 Certified Personal Protective Equipment

EN 14126:2003 Certified Personal Protective Equipment
Product Details

CE Certified Personal Protective Equipment, for short, PPE, Or Protective Clothing.

Standard: EN14126: 2003

Sterile Or Non-Sterile.

Size: 165-170-175-180-185cm.

FDA Certificate is coming.

Details of Non-Sterile Personal Protective Equipment-PPE-Protective Clothing

[Specifications] protective coverall Type B

[Size] 160/165/170/175/180/185

[Composition] This product is made by cutting and sewing non-woven fabric as the main raw material. Sterilization is not stopped when leaving the factory. It is a non-sterile product.

[Application] It is used for general isolation of outpatients, wards and test rooms of medical institutions.

[Instruction for use] Wear protective coverall: Take protective coverall, pull the pull shaft apart, wear a brace, then a coat, and finally a hat, fully cover the clothes inside, and pull the zipper.

Take off the protective coverall: Unzip the zipper. Pull the hat up to pull the head off the hat. Remove the sleeves with the contaminated side inward. Take off your shirt and pants and put them in a medical waste bin.

[Notice] ① Do not use protective coverall if it is damaged;

② If the protective coverall is wet or polluted, it should be replaced immediately;

③ Protective coverall should fit well and fully accommodate the coverall inside.

[Storage] Sealed under the room temperature

[Packing] 1pc / bag,  40pcs / carton

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