Bulletproof Plate

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Equipped with professional Bulletproof Plate factory, HengtaiBoyu is one of the leading China Bulletproof plate,Ceremic Plate,PE+Alumina Plate,PE+Silicon Carbide Plate,ICW Plate,STA Plate,NIJ III Level Plate,NIJ III+Plate,NIJ IV Plate,Ballistic Plate manufacturers.Welcome to wholesale quality Ceremic Plate Armor from us.


HengtaiBoyu offers Strong,light-weight and durable Bulletproof Plate.Our company is a professional exporter and supplier of Bulletproof Plate.We developed Bulletproof Plate with Test report from China Army Research Institute many years.We will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, and we are expecting to be your long-term partner in China.


Bulletproof Plate:

Level:NIJ III,III+,IV as per different buyers for different protection level

Material: PE+Alumina+EVA,PE+Silicon Carbide+EVA,PE+EVA,etc

Working: ICW with NIJ IIIA Ballistic Jacket Or STA to resist AK47 by itself

Weight:1.1kg/pic,1.4kg/pic,2.45kg+/-50g/pic,2.75kg+/-50g/pic Or more options as per different Army and Police Protection

Shape: Multi-Curved Or single-curved

Color: Black Or White Or as per Army and Police’s tactical task.