Ballistic Army Combat Helmet

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Shape: Army Combat Helmet-ACH

Level: NIJ IIIA to resist 9MM Or .44MAG

V50 ballistic test according to STANAG2920,17grains,650-680m/sec with imported Bulletproof Aramid yarn material.

Material: Aramid Or UHMWPE.For ballistic helmet, we prefer Aramid Fiber.

Size:M,L and XL

Protection Area:0.12-0.14sqm

Weight: 1.3-1.5kg/pic

Color: Army Green,UN Blue,Navy Blue,White,Black,Desert Brown Or Customized.

The Ballistic Army Combat Helmet, ACH helmet is the active combat helmet of the US Army. It was developed by the US Army Soldier System Center as a new generation of US Army protective helmets to replace the PASGT helmets that have been used continuously since 1985. Compared with his predecessor PASGT helmet, the ACH helmet has the characteristics of light weight, good adaptability and more comfortable wearing. Although the ACH helmet is 1.5 kg (L size) lighter than the PASGT helmet, the ACH helmet is more resistant to shock due to the use of the latest improved high-strength Ballistic Aramid material. Its protection level reaches level IIIA.

Wearing method: pull-out combination

Product function: Protect the head from external force

There is a leather lining inside, which is comfortable and breathable. The shock-proof design of the head protects the head. The lower jaw is concave, which makes the head more comfortable. The buckle strap is safe and flexible. The length can be adjusted.