Ballistic And Puncture-proof Material

Ballistic And Puncture-proof Material
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Product Details

Ballistic and puncture-proof material uses polyethylene fiber with high strength and modulus are one of raw materials. It is soft continuous sheet-like material in roll with multiple angle structure

With excellent puncture-proof and bulletproof performance, it is resistant to light,soft,acid and alkali,anti-corrosion,waterproof,moisture-proof,anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics.

It is widely ssed for bulletproof and puncture-proof clothing.



Areal desnity: 200+/-10g/sqm

Thickness: 0.28+/-0.02mm

Length: 100m (target)

Product performance


Bulletproof Standard:GA141-2010

Puncture-proof Standard:GA68-2008

Bulletproof and Anti-stab materialLevel 3
Impact force 24J9.5047